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Post-Award Policies

Now that you have a grant…Congratulations! Please contact your department chair and dean to let them know about your award.  And if you haven’t already, notify the office of Foundation, Corporate & Government Relations. In order to achieve the goals set out in your winning proposal, you need to know certain steps and University contacts.

Documenting your Award

The award documents (letter, terms and conditions) must be processed through the Office of Foundation, Corporate & Government Relations (FCGR).  If you – the Principal Investigator or Project Director (PI/PD) – receive such documents, please send or deliver to FCGR as soon as you receive them.  If FCGR or another administrative office receives the documents, FCGR will notify the PI/PD.

FCGR will:
  • Take care of any signatures needed on agreements, acknowledgements or thank you letters that are required or appropriate.
  • Create and process any outgoing sub-awards or Memos of Understanding to your collaborators; we will also review and process any incoming sub-awards, contracts or memos of understanding for grant-funded work.
  • Provide a copy of the award letter, terms and conditions, and approved budget to Grants Accounting (see ACCESSING… below).
  • Provide a copy of the award letter to the Advancement Data Services Gift Recording team.
  • Notify university administrators about your award.
  • Work with the Office of Communications on news releases, magazine articles, etc.

Contact:  Diana Vincelli, Director of Grant Support, 289-8005, 104 Puryear Hall


Accessing your Grant Funds

The Grants Accounting office will:

  • Set up a grant account for you with a 5-digit number unique to your grant, such as 27XXX for a federal grant, 28XXX for a state grant, or29XXX for a privately-funded grant.  
  • Provide a monthly budget report by email and access to your budget on Banner.   
  • Approve grant-funded expenditures, assure compliance with grant terms, bill funders if necessary, and provide financial reports to granting agencies.

Contact:  Tammy Hicks, Director of Accounting, 289-8752, G-12, Maryland Hall

For additional information see:  

  • If your grant is a fellowship for a leave or sabbatical, it is important to contact your dean’s office, as this can impact your paychecks and benefits.
  • If by chance you did not work with FCGR on the fellowship application, please provide FCGR with a copy of the application and award notice.
  • FCGR will take care of the deposit and routing of fellowship funds if they are to be sent to UR.
Hiring to Fill Grant-Funded Positions

First, contact the Grants Accounting Office to verify your grant will allow the position and there are funds available.

  • If you are going to hire someone (other than a student), there are steps to creating a job description and advertising the position, if necessary.
  • For A&S, contact Dustin Engels, Academic Employment Coordinator,, 287-1837
  • For all other schools, contact Pat Chandler, HR Talent Acquisition Specialist,, 287-6675

If you are going to hire UR students, please contact Sue Young, Assistant Director, Financial Aid, 289-8737,

  • Students, who have never worked on campus before, will need to complete pre-employment paperwork BEFORE they can start work.  
  • An original social security card, passport or birth certificate (the most common I-9 documents) is required.

To hire international students, post-docs or visiting faculty, please contact Krittika Onsanit, Director of International Students, Scholars and Internship Services,  289-6499

If the research/employment is being conducted somewhere other than Virginia contact Sharon Condrey, Director of Payroll,, 289-8171

Purchasing grant-funded Supplies, Equipment, Etc.

If you are going to purchase equipment or need special utilities/modifications (plumbing, electricity, etc.), please contact the Office of Strategic Sourcing and Payments (SSP) (“Purchasing”)  (It is best to do this at the application stage.)

When equipment or other goods and services are requested on federal grant proposals, all University procurement guidelines must be followed in specification, price solicitation, vendor selection, and procurement.   In addition, the federal government mandates that we follow the Procurement Standards in OMB Circular A-110 for goods and services purchased with Federal funds. (See sections 40 – 48)

Purchases of single items more than $5,000 require two bids or a Sole Source Provider justification. Single items costing more than $25,000 must have at least three bids or the sole source document.

Once you have completed the requisition, it must be signed by the Grants Accounting Manager before taking/sending the requisition to SSP.

If you are going to need a Purchasing Card for your grant, contact the Purchasing Card staff:


If you and/or your students have budgeted for travel with grant funds, note that some funders require you use U.S. Flag Carriers unless none are available (“Fly America Act”).  

International travel by faculty, staff or students often requires special insurance.

Courses or Programs for UR or Non-UR Students
If your grant involves a course for credit or non-credit, please confirm arrangements made during the application process:
  • For Non-UR students and Summer:  Shelli Lord, Compliance and Administration Manager, School of Professional & Continuing Studies,, 662-3104
    • SPCS will be responsible for contacting Registrar, Bursar, and Financial Aid.
  • For UR students during the academic year: contact your Dean.
  • If your grant supports a program for which you will need meeting rooms, signs, catering and/or other services, contact
University contacts

For a PDF at-a-glance list of post-award contacts, click here.