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Research Incentive Accounts

Research incentive funds come from university recovered indirect costs on federal, state and private grants.

Each PI having at least one grant that recovers indirect costs, will also have a research incentive account. Only one research incentive account will be established per PI; therefore research incentives from several grants could be co‐mingled into that one account for the PI.

Research incentive accounts have index numbers that are five digits and start with 266XX.

10% of university recovered indirect costs for each grant will be loaded into the corresponding PI’s research incentive account every July and January,
following the program’s start date of 7/01/11. If there are multiple PI’s for a grant, the 10% will be split equally among the PI’s.

Starting with the 12/31/11 budget reports, PI’s with research incentive accounts will receive a budget report showing funds deposited and funds spent from their research incentive account.
Spending may commence on research incentive funds on 1/01/12, which is after the initial deposit to the accounts on 12/31/11.

Research incentives can be spent on items like:

  • Pilot studies for new projects
  • Equipment
  • Student support and conference travel
  • Professional development
  • Travel related to future projects
  • Cost associated with development of new proposals for external funding

Salary supplementation for the PI is not an acceptable use of incentive funds.

Purchases on research incentives must be approved by the department chair. In the case of the department chair receiving a research incentive, purchases must be approved by the dean.
Research incentive account balances will roll from year to year.

Research incentive accounts will remain open while the PI is employed by the University, or until the PI request the account be closed.

Any unused research incentive funds will revert back to the University should the PI leave the University.

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Updated: November, 2016