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Rates and Facts

Federal ID# – 54-0505965
DUNS# – 05-691-5069
U.S. Congressional District – 7th (VA-007)
Virginia House District – 68th
Virginia Senate District – 12th
Authorized Institutional Representative – Laurie F. Melville, Associate Vice President & Controller

Fringe Benefit Rates

Please see the University's Fringe Benefit & Indirect Cost Rates, Effective July 1, 2016.

(See the University’s policy on the Distribution of the Indirect Costs Recovered.)

NIH Applicants

Please note that in accordance with NIH policy notice NOT-OD-06-054, the University is required to have you sign an assurance certification whenever you submit an application, report, or prior-approval request to any institute within the National Institutes of Health. Future applicants will receive the form at the time of submission. Contact FCGR at (804) 289-8005 for additional information.

NSF Applicants

Please note that as of January 10, 2011, the Cost Sharing Policy has been revised and in general is not allowed. Please refer to the FAQ.

Data Management Plan

The Data Management Plan component of federal grant applications is becoming increasingly important, as you are expected to share results and make information available from government grant-funded projects. The University of Richmond Librarians have created this very helpful website: