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FCGR:  The Year in Review, 2015-2016

In 2015-2016, the Office of Foundation, Corporate & Government Relations (FCGR) submitted 125 grant applications requesting support for faculty and institutional programs. The office helped to secure awards totaling $3,470,330 through 58 grants for faculty research or other scholarly and creative endeavors as well as for University initiatives (capital and programs).

This year, approximately 51% of this support total was awarded by government sources and 49% from private funds. Indirect costs (Facilities and Administration or overhead costs, included in the above total) recovered were $401,662.

Of 125 proposals submitted this fiscal year, 95 were submitted by faculty. During the year, approximately 68 individual faculty and 21 administrators were involved in proposal activity with several involved in multiple applications.

At the end of the year, 38 proposals totaling $2,522,608 remained pending, of which 68% of requests were for government resources, and 32% for private funds.

Awards over the last Five Years:
Awarded last 5 years (2011-12 to 2015-16):       $23,441,187 through 302 awards
Average per year:                                             $4,688,237 through 60 awards
Submitted last 5 years:                                      608 (437 by faculty)
Average submissions per year:                           122 (87 by faculty)
Awards received from proposals submitted:         50% (national average is about 50%)

Research-Only Awards:
Thirty-four research-only awards totaling $2,361,764 were received in 2015-16, of which 71.5% came from government sources, and 28.5% from private. While most are in the sciences, research awards were received in 15 different disciplines. Year-to-year fluctuations occur because multi-year grants are counted once, in the year awarded. Research only totals are as follows:

2011-12   $1,993,586
2012-13   $4,469,710
2013-14   $1,163,131
2014-15   $4,567,051
2015-16   $2,361,764
5-year total $14,555,242

Average/year: $2,911,048

The above numbers are for award notices received in 2015-16 (regardless of when the funds actually come in). Actual cash received during the fiscal year 2015-16 was approximately $9.62 million of which $2 million (21%) was from public sources and $7.6 million (79%) was from private sources.

Other Activities:
FCGR staff attended local and national professional meetings to keep abreast of funding opportunities and government grant regulations, processed a number of incoming or outgoing subcontracts involving research collaborations with other institutions, facilitated Material Transfer Agreements, and counseled numerous faculty and administrators on all aspects of external funding. FCGR staff also participated in a number of campus-wide committees, as well as the Advancement task force on internal communications.

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