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Approval Timeline

All proposals/applications/requests for external support must be routed through the FCGR office for review and approval. After you have identified a funding source, begin the process below to secure internal approval prior to submitting your application to the funding agency.

3-4 weeks prior to deadline

Contact FCGR:

  • share solicitation/grant guidelines
  • seek assistance with budgeting and proposal development
  • share plans and info related to sub awards if needed
  • review process for proposal review/approval
2-3 weeks prior to deadline

Chat with Dept. Chair, Supervisor, and/or Dean:

  • discuss plans for leave
  • request department/dean's office support as appropriate
  • share plans for student involvement
  • secure cost-share if required
10 days prior to deadline

Work with FCGR:

  • begin review & approval process with FCGR (must have solicitation/grant guidelines, budget, budget justification, and narrative (draft)
  • secure cost-share approval
  • be prepared to address equipment needs/purchases
  • be prepared to address:
    • Institutional Review Board (IRB), for work with human subjects
    • Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC)
    • Financial Conlfict of Interest (FCOI)
    • Intellectual Property (IP)
    • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)
5 days prior to deadline

Work with FCGR & Grants Accounting:

  • for proposal review & approval - be prepared to address questions, make changes/edits, address concerns
  • to communicate with appropriate offices across campus involved in your proposal
3 days prior to deadline


  • FCGR works with PI to finalize/polish approved proposal packet