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Angie Hilliker awarded $405,000 NIH grant for research on production of proteins

Angie Hilliker, associate professor of biology at the University of Richmond, has received a National Institutes of Health grant in the amount of $405,803 for her research focusing on the fundamental biological question of how cells make proteins.

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The Office of Foundation, Corporate and Government Relations (FCGR) provides campuswide leadership and support to faculty and administrators seeking to secure external funding for individual research, institutional programs, and other scholarly and creative endeavors.

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FCGR Fall Workshops & Events

Broader Impacts, Community Engagement, Public Participation: How Community Engagement Strengthens Your Grant and Your Project
November 21st at 9:30am
Gottwald Science Center Conference Room D100

The Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) and Foundation, Corporate, & Government Relations Office (FCGR) are teaming up to help you better understand ‘broader impacts/community engagement/public access and participation’ components within grants and offer insights on how strengthening these components can make your grant proposals more competitive. FCGR will offer their expertise on grant requirements (what do these phrases mean for funders, how do you incorporate them into your applications, and are there samples available?). The CCE will help you think through the community-engagement process (how do you find community partners, how do you structure a community-based program, and what resources exist at the University that can allow your community-engaged program to survive beyond the grant?). This workshop is aimed at those who already have a research project and are looking to add a community-engaged component, as well as those who are already doing community-engagement and looking at how that can fit into their research project.

Grant Funding for Staff
December 3rd from 3pm – 4pm, location TBD
Seeking support for projects, programs, or research needs led by a UR staff member? This session is designed for staff members wishing to pursue grant funds and will provide an overview of FGCR services, i.e., how to find funding, deciphering guidelines and compliance, building a budget, navigating the internal review/approval process, how to submit applications, and what happens when an award is offered.

Faculty Highlights

$23.4 million
from 302 awards over the past five years
22 per year
the average number of grant submissions over the past five years
$9.62 million
cash received in FY16:
$2 million (21%) from public sources and $7.6 million (79%) from private sources
disciplines represented by faculty receiving research-only awards in FY16