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Psych professor leads STEM research with $2M grant

Psychology professor Cindy Bukach has been awarded nearly $720,000 from the National Science Foundation for a project focused on preparing undergraduates for research in STEM-related fields.

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The Office of Foundation, Corporate and Government Relations (FCGR) provides campuswide leadership and support to faculty and administrators seeking to secure external funding for individual research, institutional programs, and other scholarly and creative endeavors.

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Will grants offices (FCGR & Grants Accounting) staff be available to help with my proposals, award management, and answering my grant-related questions?
Yes, staff in both offices are available for your proposal needs and post-award questions; both offices are able to work remotely. Please reach out with any specific grant-related questions you have.

Are proposals still able to be submitted?
Yes, proposals will still be routed through the University’s internal review/approval process and are still able to be submitted to funding agencies (please allow ample time for review/approval). Grants office staff will make every effort to relay any deadline extensions and/or cancellations in a timely manner.

How are the federal agencies handling COVID-19?
Please use the following links for information from OMB, NSF, NIH and DOE. As more agency links become available, this list will be updated.
OMB: Extension of Administrative Relief for Recipients and Applicants of Federal Financial Assistance Directly Impacted by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) due to Loss of Operations

How will my summer research be impacted (summer salary, student employment)
Please check the University’s COVID-19 website for updates.

May I have more time to complete my research, interim/final reports?
Yes, you can request a no-cost extension on your award, if needed.

Will my lab support staff continue to be paid even if not able to work on my grant?
Yes, please see the University’s interim polices concerning hourly paid staff on the COVID-19 website.

What if my staff get sick and cannot work, will they be paid?
Yes, please see the University’s interim policies on paid leave.

Can I charge travel to my grant that was cancelled and not refunded due to COVID-19?
Yes. After the expense is charged to your grant, please have your department admin send a list of COVID-19 expenses to the Accounting Office Inbox, Your grant will be refunded by the university for this expense.

Am I still able to charge expenses (supplies, materials, etc.) to my grant and will they be paid?
Yes. Process your expenses normally; however, invoices should be scanned and sent electronically to the Accounts Payable Office at

Will my staff and I have access to my lab?
Please refer to guidance from the Provost’s Office or check the University’s COVID-19 website.

Can my research staff work from home/remotely?
At this time, yes; bi-weekly staff may work remotely. However, please be sure to check the COVID-19 website for university updates.
Students must have approval from the Student Employment Office before working remotely. A remote job approval form must be completed for your student and submitted to the Student Employment Office. Principal Investigators should only complete the form if the work is a necessary requirement of the grant; otherwise the student should not be allowed to work remotely.

May I travel on my grant?
No. Please refer to the University-Sponsored Travel – Spring Semester section of the University’s COVID-19 FAQ website.

Will my research students still have a research orientation?
Yes, the Summer Fellowship Office is preparing an on-line research orientation and your research students will be able to view the orientation on-line. The Grants Accounting Office will provide you with additional details once available.

Faculty Highlights

$23.4 million
from 302 awards over the past five years
22 per year
the average number of grant submissions over the past five years
$9.62 million
cash received in FY16:
$2 million (21%) from public sources and $7.6 million (79%) from private sources
disciplines represented by faculty receiving research-only awards in FY16