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Need help finding funding?

The Grants office is here to help. Reach out to discuss your funding needs, identify opportunities, and learn more about how the Grants office can support you.

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Pivot Funding Database

Richmond subscribes to Pivot-RP, a comprehensive tool that allows you to search for funding opportunities and potential collaborators around the world. Use your UR institutional login credentials to create an account, save detailed searches, and receive tailored funding recommendations based on your profile.

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Grant Advisor

Grant Advisor has been a leading resource for higher education grant and fellowship opportunity research since 1983. Access their monthly funding lists from anywhere on campus.

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Looking for internal funding?

Faculty funding is available through several internal sources, including course transformation and professional development funding from the Office of the Provost and summer research funding from the School of Arts and Sciences. Consult your department chair for additional details.

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Preparing for a sabbatical?

The Grants office can help you identify fellowship and travel funding opportunities that match your research and/or creative needs. For one-on-one support finding funding and developing a proposal, contact Tara Wiley.