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Need support for research or a creative project? Wondering if a new idea might be attractive to funding agencies? Schedule an appointment with the Office of Foundation, Corporate and Government Relations (FCGR) to discuss your area of scholarly interest. Please bring an up-to-date curriculum vitae and a one-page summary of your project.

During this meeting, we will assist you in developing a plan for seeking support, which may begin with a search of our funding databases. Following our discussion, you will receive a report providing an overview of possible funding opportunities.

New! we now subscribe to Pivot-RP, a dynamic, comprehensive tool that allows you to search for funding opportunities and potential collaborators around the world. Creating an account is easy - click Pivot-RP and click "create account." Use your institutional login credentials/SSO to create an account and claim your preset profile to get targeted funding opportunities, so others can find you for collaboration, and for relevant funding alerts by email. You’ll be able to search for funding opportunities and save your detailed searches. You’ll also be able to get tailored funding recommendations and alerts based on your profile.

The University of Richmond also subscribes to the Grant Advisor to search for additional funding opportunities. This may be accessed from anywhere on campus.

If you have problems connecting to any of these sites please contact us at


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Did You Know?

December, 2022 

Virginia Humanities has opened another round of Rapid and Regular Grants. A list of grant-funded activities can be found here.

Rapid Grants
This program provides faster funding for projects with a smaller scope and duration. Awards up to $5,000, intended for projects lasting up to nine months. Due - Dec 31, April 30, July 31. 


We have a new funding opportunity search tool! 

UR faculty now have access to Pivot-RP, the most comprehensive funding database used by the world’s top research institutions. The first step is to claim your preset profile. Go to and click the "use login from my institution" option. Log in via SSO using your UR credentials and claim your preset profile. You’ll be able to search for funding opportunities and save your detailed searches. You’ll also be able to get tailored funding recommendations and alerts based on your profile. More information about getting started is available here


Upcoming Deadlines:


New York Public Library - Short-Term Residential Research Fellowships - due January 23
Supports scholars from outside the New York metropolitan area engaged in graduate-level, post-doctoral, and independent research. 

National Endowment for the Humanities  - Institutes for Higher Education Faculty – due February 1.
Professional development programs that convene higher education faculty from across the nation to deepen and enrich their understanding of significant topics in the humanities and enrich their capacity for effective scholarship and teaching.

UCLA Center for 17th & 18th Century Studies - Postdoctoral Fellowships due February 1.
A theme-based resident fellowship program designed to promote the participation of junior scholars in the Center’s yearlong core program.

American Historical Association - Various research grants - due February 15.
Supports the study and exploration of history in a diverse number of subject areas.

National Institutes of Health - Academic Research Enhancement Awards (AREA) (R15) - due February 25.
Provide funding for small-scale, new, or ongoing health-related meritorious research projects, enhancing the research environment at eligible institutions and exposing students to research opportunities.


AMS-Simons - Research Enhancement Grants for Primarily Undergraduate Institution (PUI) Faculty - due- March 20, 2023
A new program to foster and support research collaboration by mathematicians employed full-time at PUIs. Applications will open January 2, 2023.


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